I am Jemboy~ Now on Tumblr!

2015-10-13 20:32:51 by Jemb0y

Hey everyone! Whats up?

I just wanted to announce, that I am Jemboy is now on Tumblr! (friggin' finally, right?)
You can find me at iamjemboy.tumblr.com

I'll be posting sketches there, like my Undertale Sketch, everyday, so that I can reserve Newgrounds for my more top-notch drawings. Thats also where I'll share my video game-inspired hip-hop beats (that I like to make here and there, just for fun). And of course, you can also expect the occassional reblog of some radnom post that I find especially hilarious/stupid. #TumblrLife, amiright?!

Anyways, thanks again everyone,
and Stripper Saria full-coloured drawing is on its way~ Thanks for your patience! >w<;;

Take it easy!
~ Jemboy

Greetings, everyone! V2.0

2015-10-08 20:51:20 by Jemb0y

Hey, NG~ It's been a while!
I've decided to start posting on here again. I've still been drawing and working on some other things, don't get me wrong... Its just I kinda gave up on this site. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

Anyways, to get things started back up again, I'll put up a few of my drawings from these past two years that I've been away (just to highlight what I've been working on), and then it'll be  brand spankin' new posts from here on out!
I also dabbled in making video game-inspired hip-hop beats & mashups just recently, too. Im not quite sure what the copyright policy is here for that kind of content (I'd really appreciate any help on that one), so I may or may not upload those here as well (but you can always visit my Youtube and Souncloud pages, if you're ever so curious)

I also just want to take this opportunity to thank my 18 followers (doin' it big up in here!) who have stuck with me through these past 2/3 years, even though I kinda just up and left here without saying anything for a bit there. You guys are the best! QwQ;;

Anyways, here's to new uploads, to new life, and to new opportunities! Cheers!
It's good to be back! ^w^;;

~ Jemboy
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