Entry #2

I am Jemboy~ Now on Tumblr!

2015-10-13 20:32:51 by Jemb0y

Hey everyone! Whats up?

I just wanted to announce, that I am Jemboy is now on Tumblr! (friggin' finally, right?)
You can find me at iamjemboy.tumblr.com

I'll be posting sketches there, like my Undertale Sketch, everyday, so that I can reserve Newgrounds for my more top-notch drawings. Thats also where I'll share my video game-inspired hip-hop beats (that I like to make here and there, just for fun). And of course, you can also expect the occassional reblog of some radnom post that I find especially hilarious/stupid. #TumblrLife, amiright?!

Anyways, thanks again everyone,
and Stripper Saria full-coloured drawing is on its way~ Thanks for your patience! >w<;;

Take it easy!
~ Jemboy


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